The Arts Restoring Community Fund is allocated by CAC to help alleviate the financial costs of culturally-oriented programs and events faced by student organizations at UCLA. If you're interested in: 

1) Learning how funds are allocated

2) Being a part of an important decision-making for a $100K+ fund

3) Fostering the arts and cultural community at UCLA

Apply to be on the ARC funding board below! Applications are accepted on a rolling basis. You can find additional information about the ARC fund here:


To apply for ARC funding and confirm eligibility, use the following link:


Questions and/or concerns can be sent to


The purpose of the CommUnity Fund is to help alleviate some of the fiscal burdens student organizations face when putting on culturally relevant projects and events. The fund can be used supplementary to other monetary sources. Student organizations may apply for a maximum amount of $2,500.00. CAC has the right to partially or fully grant the applied amount dependent on the application's thoroughness, applicant's necessity, and program's benefit for the general undergraduate student body.  This fund is opened periodically throughout the quarter so check in on our social media for notifications! Each student organization may apply once per funding cycle and must list at least (5) other members of the organization as contacts for CAC to reach out to in case the signatory is unable to be contacted. All applicants must also include cost estimates/quotes/documentation outlining what the allocated funds will go towards. 

Eligibility: must be an undergraduate student group or organization registered with SOLE 

Apply for the CommUnity fund here: 



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