2021-2022 General Staff Applications

Deadline: October 1st, 2021





No experience with software necessary! We're always looking for both digital (e.g. photos, video) and design folks to help us make content for the CAC Facebook and Insta + merch. 




Many of us chose  UCLA not just because of academics, but also because we recognized the opportunities available in the greater LA area. DCT organizes and provides free trips to art and cultural spots around LA to give students affordable mini trips!

Diverse City Tours




Art Series educates, informs, and inspires students through art. Exhibits aim to highlight students and local artists, and create dialogue on relevant social issues. We curate KAG to showcase a new exhibition every week.

Art Series


HHC promotes and celebrates hip hop culture. We aim to inspire social action and creativity at UCLA, attend hip hop/urban events, and organize the annual Hip Hop Appreciation Month in February, which includes panels, DJ/MC exhibitions, and the Explosion Concert.

Hip Hop Congress




A space for students to express themselves through performance art forms, including poetry and comedy, and to embrace the idea of the "power of words, the art of laughter." Weekly on Wednesdays featuring spoken word.

The Word on Wed.

The Word + Art got too big to be in KAG!


Overwhelmed by all these choices or just want to get involved with CAC in general? Become a CAC-tern and learn about the history of CAC + the activities of each series. Participate in a cultural project too! 


Board Retreat!.jpeg


Concerts has recently rebranded to become a platform for musicians and singers of color. We aim to perform every Monday in Kerckhoff Coffee House where you can sip a good cup of joe while relaxing to great music!


Apply to perform here



Est. in 1986, JRF presents headliners from jazz and reggae, as well as the styles that they inspire, accompanied by a selection of student bands. We aim to preserve sustainable initiatives, live art, and food and craft vendor features to facilitate cultural exchange!

Jazz Reggae Fest


WorldFest is an annual student-initiated, week-long multicultural festival that celebrates and showcases different cultures to promote diversity at UCLA. Events include international food festivals, film screenings, dance classes, and more!