The Kerckhoff Art Gallery space is curated by CAC to showcase work aligning with our mission. 

Prior to making your reservation request, know the following guidelines:

1) KAG is an ASUCLA event venue and cannot be used as a meeting space

2) All events must be art-related

3) The programs and exhibitions must align with the purpose of KAG

4) Reservations must be made at least 4 weeks prior to the event date

5) No amplified sound is allowed in the venue

6) Only ASUCLA Catering food is allowed in the venue

7) Facilities arrangements are to be made by the applicant within 2 weeks prior to the event

8) Gallery installations typically take place on Sunady (8AM-11PM) prior to the event

9) Art exhibitions run from Monday through Friday from 8AM-11PM


After getting preliminary approval, follow these steps (if you are using the floor space*): 

1) EOL confirmation: Student Union Event Services initiates the EOL application after meeting with ASUCLA event planning staff (submit the EOL by the deadline so your SOLE advisor can approve your use of the space). Contact a reservationist to arrange for setup of the gallery space at

2) Coordinate with Student Union Events Services to provide tables, chairs, easels, and ladders for the event at least 2 weeks prior to your reservation date (no nails, tape - except painter's tape, or glue is allowed to hang the artwork) 

*You do not need to meet with ASUCLA if you are using the wall space only.

View our reservation calendar here:

Fill out the application to use KAG here:


For questions and/or concerns regarding room reservations, please contact